Monday, 14 April 2008

So long, West Hampstead!

After 7 years and 22 posts, I am now leaving West Hampstead. Sadly, a week after my New Year's resolution to start my West Hampstead blog, I made a sudden decision to look for a new house.

Did I look in West Hampstead? Well, no. My budget and my ideal home cannot both reside in NW6.

So am I sad to leave?

I will miss the shops, the restaurants, the superb transport links and my delightful downstairs neighbours. The rat run traffic and the parking situation, I'll gladly leave behind. But all in all I've had a great run here. I have loved my flat and the area that it is in. I have watched West Hampstead blossom from an area in the shadow of its NW3 neighbour to a residential destination in its own right.

A big thanks to everyone who has read my site. Special thanks to my fellow bloggers - I look forward to revisiting NW6 through your posts.

I'll keep the site up for a few months, but for now it's pastures new. Forest Hill, South East London, Zone 3 - wish me luck!!

Sunday, 6 April 2008

Wet Fish Cafe breakfast

I don't often go to the Wet Fish Cafe, though I always love it when I do. Usually at the weekend it looks too much of a nightmare to get a table.

As we were early(ish) for breakfast this morning, we thought we would give it a try.

We both had a chorizo and potato egg scramble - delicious. It is slightly more expensive than the competition, but this is not your standard fry up. Although service can be a tad slow, if you are in the mood, it has a real nice relaxed vibe - assuming you got a table!

West Hampstead in the snow

For once, the bbc got it right. It isn't that often that you get to see the snow lying in these parts and it did come as a bit of a surprise following on from Friday's 17c.

Very cute.

Though - not bbq weather yet then.

Saturday, 5 April 2008

View of London from West Hampstead

Thanks to roofworks, I have been able to see what the view is like from the top of our house. I have to say that I was slightly disappointed! There isn't that much that I can pick out as recognisable. The BT tower is sadly out of shot to the left.

Monday, 31 March 2008

Camden Parking robbery

As of April 1st, the cost of daily permits for tradesmen parking in Camden rises from 9 pounds a day, to a staggering 33!
Whilst you can still get 10 standard visitor permits per year at 5.25 each, these will never go very far if you need to get any work done. It may be worthwhile in future suspending bays which seems to be a 50 quid fee, then a tenner a space after the first day - but you do need to give 3 weeks advance notice (which wouldn't work with many of the tradesmen I've ever hired).
This seems to have been introduced rather on the quiet. I don't remember getting any notice and to date there doesn't appear to be much in the press about it. But as this could cost you in excess of 700 pounds a month (assuming a 5 day week), I imagine there will be many people who are upset/ caught out by it.
It is unclear to me why this has been introduced. If it is a money making scheme - my hat off to Camden - raise your prices by near 4 fold and tell your customers to lump it - not many businesses could show such blatant disregard for their customers.
According to Camden, the new permits are especially handy as they can be used anywhere in Camden. As the cost will get passed to me, and I only own one residence, I don't find this very helpful...

The Green Room

Time Out, Ham & High and the girl downstairs have all raved about the Green Room on Broadhurst Gardens. For all three to agree, I felt that I should try it out.

Look beyond the rather dull exterior (as proven by my photo) and we have a little gem. At long last, a restaurant that you feel that you can take people from outside the area to. I know that Walnut is meant to be all that - but I've only been once and never felt the desire to return. Part of Walnut's downfall for me is chatty decor and at the time, rather poor service. The Green Room suffers from neither.

On both occasions I have visited, there has been a warm welcome, both from the lady owner who is front of house and the rest of her staff. The decor is simple but elegant in a laid back way, really befitting of a neighbourhood joint. The food is good and the bill reasonable.

Thoroughly recommended.

Traditional Wood Fired Pizza Oven

You gotta imagine Sarracino does indeed have a wood fired pizza oven.